Every Industry in the recent past has witnessed major technological reformations and has then shifted their focus to Automation. In the era of machine learning that upholds simplified living, some Googles in the manufacturing industry have throttled the domain making it no less than any other industry. When machine learning speaks of simplified living, the vast syllabus of automation in manufacturing speaks accuracy, reduced lead time, Precision, lean and six-sigma and much more.

Manufacturing industry, being one of the ancient industries has seen multiple technological reformations in the area of automation from time to time, making advancement in the manufacturing over the timeline through technologies such as Numerical control, Computer Numerical Control, automated assembly line, Machine to machine communication & Programmable logic control. Perpetual innovations in automation bring on simplification of any process and are most likely to lead the world towards fourth industrial revolution with the industrial internet of things being the drivers, where the players across the industries would be equipped with ‘smart’ machines that without any structured input, but with AI and web-based network generated data, would know to perform tasks with zero human interference, in other words, a hyper-efficient system.

Industries of present times demand the high level of automation in their processes to increase the productivity, efficiency and to tackle the problems that arise due to lack of skilled labour. Machine building contributes largely to the technological advancement of manufacturing industries and automation to the manufacturing processes begin from here. This industry has been instrumental in discovering the applications through the integrated engineering concepts leading to perpetual advancement in automation. However, the complexities of the manufacturing industries list customization at the top row and a hand few of players in the domain accept this competitive situation and facilitate the customized solutions.

Neumatica Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers having 25 years of excellence in manufacturing customised Hydro-pneumatic presses and press solutions belong to the league that is continuously transforming the industries like aviation, automotive, powder metallurgy, sheet metal and packaging through automation and integrated engineering solutions. Having completed more than 1000 projects, the organization is foreseeing a substantial upward trend in the growth in the days to come. Having manufactured machines such as General purpose presses, Industrial presses, automated special purpose presses over two decades, Neumatica technologies has recently entered into building automated assembly lines for distinct applications. The dedicated teams having
immense exposure and expertise in the field of engineering, automation and machine building are committed to delivering the innovative, reliable and contemporary solutions to the customers and also provide continuous service support through a dedicated service wing of the organization. Press-o-Matic, the flagship brand of Neumatica is now popular amongst the players of automotive, aviation, sheet metal industries etc., that use their technology in various applications such as riveting, clinching, crimping, straightening, forming, clamping, stamping etc.

Sophisticated and upgraded shop floor, modern industrial infrastructure, committed workforce, dedication to take Neuamtica to match the 5s standards, after-sales service and pleasant work environment define Neumatica, your partner in Hydro-Pneumatic presses and press solutions.


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