Special Purpose Machines

Press-O-Matic SPM machines are precision action machines made to the special purpose and custom requirements of industries. These machines use Hydraulic, Hydro-Pneumatic and servo powered technologies for executing the pressing jobs. These SPM machines house robotic features such as Part presence sensors, Part orientation to standardize the whole system with no or minimum errors, be it a single movement meeting or a part formation. The advanced controls incorporated in the machines ensure optimum degree of precision and thorough forming of jobs, putting off the scope for non-conformance. Industries such as Automobile, where Assembly is the critical domain, press-o-matic Special purpose machines have been instrumental in rendering superior quality out output.

Our machines are distinct by their feature and nature. Press-o-matic SPM machines vary from 1 ton to 100 ton capacity in Load. 4 pillar structure, 2 pillar structure and c-frame type depending on the job specification. Automatic, Semi automatic and manual based on the level of automation required in the operation. We have delivered more than 600 projects to the  market successfully. Applications such as Bush pressing, Bearing pressing, automotive pin pressing, pin insertion, coining, compacting, burr removing, trimming machine, helical forming machines are some of the special purpose machines that are running with bare minimum maintenance at our customer’s premises in Bangalore and across India


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